Welcome to the private research center of Scott L. Hamilton. In the early stages of development this site will contain information relating to my past, present, and future research. The ultimate goal of this site is to provide researchers a place to gain assistance in computer technology. I have several years experience in software and hardware engineering and have a desire to share my knowledge with others. 

I frequently partner with research scientists in various fields in an attempt to assist them with software design for simulations, and demonstrations. You can review progress on my recent projects by viewing the contents of this page. If you are interested in utilizing my skills in your research please feel free to contact me. I am always seeking innovative ideas for utilizing my skills.

I was recently appointed as the Senior Architect in Atos Hyperscaler Lab.  As a large part of the new role I have a given set of hours for new research.  My current projects are related to High-end computing platforms, mainly based on Intel CPU architectures. I have extensive experience in Quantum Computing from my prior role as a member of the engineering team for the Atos Quantum Learning Machine. 

Prior to my work in Quantum Computing my primary role for nearly 25-years was in High Performance Computing design, service and support. I worked as a software developer on the NPACI Rocks cluster project and have written books on Parallel programming with MPI.

Thanks for taking interest in my research.

Scott L. Hamilton

You can find out more about me by visiting:

My profile on Linked-in.

Or My Author Page on Amazon

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