Religious Books

I have one self published book at the present on Repentance.   It is available for purchase at

Technical Books

I have finally completed my book “An Introduction to Parallel Programming”  It is available in paperback and e-book format on Amazon and as a hardback at

If you are an instructor looking for an Introductory book on MPI programming, please feel free to e-mail or call me and I will be happy to get you a free copy of the book.  All I expect in return is an honest review of the book.

Published Technical Articles

I have recently become the press contact for the Atos Quantum Learning Machine and Quantum Research program, as I result I wind up having many articles published in which I have been interviewed and quoted.  Here are links to some of them.

12/3/2018  CMS Wire Quantum Computing Brings Potential and Risks to the Enterprise

10/22/2018 Why Large-Scale Quantum Simulators Matter

Quantum 2019 predictions

  1. NISQ technology will outperform classical processors in 2019
    1. The Noisy Intermediate-Scale Quantum (NISQ) technology that exists today are between 5 and 20 qubits. In 2019, they will be at a scale of 50-100 qubits. At this scale, the small-sized noisy quantum processor will outperform classical processors. This is a significant improvement as anything over 41 qubits is nearly impossible to simulate. In addition, this improvement will bring new applications, as we will be able to test them on a small scale in simulators and run them in larger scale on real processors.
  2. Quantum entanglement will better long-distance communications.
    1. In 2019, there will be advancements in telecommunications by utilizing quantum entanglement to better communicate over long distances with little loss in connection while operating at very high speeds.
  3. Sensor technology will tap quantum networks.
    1. In 2019, sensors will transition from transmitting data digitally to using the quantum networks for communication. Quantum entanglement research will also impact this area.