What remained of Hurricane Ike blasted its way through Missouri Saturday Night leaving things a mess. We had ball fields under water, roadways under water, ponds overflowing their banks, flying trampolines, and trees crashing through houses.

We were the lucky ones. The only thing that happened to us was the loss of a trampoline. It flew about 100 yards into the middle of the hay field where it laid as a crumpled mass of metals bars and springs wrapped inside a trampoline mat. It looks like even though trampolines where made for bouncing, they do not know how to bounce.

A co-worker of mine sent these pictures of his house after the storm. He is off work the next couple of days dealing with insurance claims. It makes me feel lucky that all we lost was the trampoline. Had the wind been blowing out of the north, which it usually is, the trampoline would have trampled our cars, as it was it blew the other way.

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