AISIS 2021

Following the success of the inaugural symposium in 2019 [1], we are now organizing the second iteration of the symposium on Artificial Intelligence for Science, Industry, and Society (AISIS) from October 11 to 15, 2021 [2]. The event is being organized by an international team, and will be held fully online due to the current global situation.



The symposium aims to cover a wide variety of topics related to artificial intelligence, from science to industry to society, as per its namesake. As this iteration of the symposium will be online-only, we are changing the format a bit. In particular, instead of having live talks, we are organizing pre-recorded talks followed by a live panel discussion among experts on a given topic. We hope that this strategy will better support the participation of people from a variety of time zones, while still retaining the key discussions as live events where everyone can contribute.

The symposium has already confirmed the participation of two excellent keynote speakers, with more to follow:

  • Yoshua Bengio, Scientific Director of MILA, and 2018 recipient of the Turing Award
  • Bonnie Lei, Head of Global Strategic Partnerships, AI for Earth at Microsoft

The symposium will consist of dedicated sessions on the following topics:

  • AI enabling technologies for daily life
  • Astrophysics and astronomy
  • Ethics and policy
  • Health and medicine
  • Natural language processing
  • Particle and nuclear physics
  • Quantum computing
  • The planet and biodiversity
  • Weather and climate science

Participation in the symposium is free, but you do have to register to receive the connection details. Details on how to register can be found at the afore-mentioned link [2]. We look forward to (virtually) discussing with you in October!

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