Here is what a Ford Escort Wagon looks like after it hits a guard rail at 55 mph. If you think it looks bad from this angle just wait better pictures are coming. After looking at them you will understand why I am not at work this week.

This is where the guardrail entered the car just behind the left front tire. We tried to take a picture that showed the path it took through the car.

This shows the damage to the inside of the car. That’s the left fender laying across the front seat. Let’s move it out of the way.

Gee look at the hole in the passenger seat. That’s where Ange would have been had she been properly buckled in the vehicle. We are very glad she was not buckled. Even though she got bruise up pretty bad.

This is just another picture of the outside of the car.

This is a picture from where Allysa was setting. Its not a very good one, but maybe we will get a better one later.

This is another picture from the passenger side of the car looking to driver side, notice the missing steering wheel. It fell off when they tried to secure the wheels for towing.

This is the view straight out the hole from the rear passenger door where Allysa was setting. The guardrail destroyed her door. She got a scratch on her finger.

This is just one final shot of the outside of the car. We are very thankful that the car took more damage than anyone in the family did. A paramedic with the Fire Department saw the accident happen and immediately called 911. He was sure someone was dead on the scene. We all walked away from it, or at least crawled away from it in my case.

Don’t try this at home.

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