I finally got around to posting the pictures of the guardrail that destroyed my car.

This part was in the car. That is the glass from my door scattered on it.

This part was broken off of the guardrail prior to it entering the car.

See that sticker on the guardrail, that was the label from the fuse panel under the dash about 10 inches from my leg. This is the part of the guardrail that was over my lap.

See the broken end. This is where the bumper that is supposed to curl the guardrail hit the end of the next section of guardrail and stopped moving. The guardrail should have been overlapped in the opposite direction allowing the bumper to continue to slide and curl the guardrail.

This is the overall scene after the accident.

See the hunk of my car, I believe that is the padding from the back of Ange’s seat still stuck on the guardrail.

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