I came across a very interesting web site this morning making claims that Barack Obama is the messiah. He has not said it in his own words, but several people including Fararrakhan, the leader of the Nation of Islam in the United States, have called him the messiah.

I found the articles on this blog to be very informative and thorough in giving their sources. Obviously they are making an impact as many of the links mysteriously vanished after being covered in this blog. I realize I should cover both sides of this story, but have not found a site excepts snopes.com that will deny Obama as messiah. If anyone reading this post knows of one I’ll be happy to add it as a full blog entry.

This was one of the most interesting entries on the site: http://barackobamaantichrist.blogspot.com/2008/10/full-story_09.html

Not that the rest of it wasn’t worth reading.

I don’t really care who you vote for, but I hope this will persuade you that voting for Obama is a bad idea.

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