On Friday Night I purchased a replacement for my totaled Ford Escort. I miss that car, but I think I will enjoy the “new” one even more. The accident gave me the opportunity to purchase a “classic” car to restore. I was surprised to find a very well cared for 1984 Ford Crown Victoria with some minor body damage that fit my budget perfectly. I am getting a new windshield put in it on Wednesday and need to do a little body work to the driver’s side doors to make it street legal again, but I should have it fully on the road by the weekend.

I have driven it far enough to know that it will be a very enjoyable car to drive. It probably won’t get very good gas mileage with a 302 small block V-8, but at least I’ll have plenty of power. It has been said about these cars that they can pass anything but a gas station. I’ll letyou know if that is true in a week or two. I’ll probably be blogging about the car quite a bit over the next few weeks just because it is something new in my life. I hope to have some picture to put on here soon.

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