I have been dealing with banks all day today and have determined that they are crazy.  One bank has my address as General Delivery.  I ask them to change it to my PO Box and was told that they would need to know my physical address to change my mailing address from General Delivery to a PO Box.  I just don’t understand,  I have to go the post office to pick up my mail in either case, but I can have a General Delivery Address with no physical address, but a PO Box requires a physical address.

Another bank has been paid the late fees on my payments for several months now, and have not credited any of them to my account.  They have $35 worth of late fees marked as unpaid.  Instead they have been applying the late fees to my principle.  When I ask them why, they said, they cannot mark late fees as paid until the account is current.  Which means simply that if I never pay any payments on time I will wind up owing them over $5000 in late fees at the end of loan even though I paid every single one of them.

Like I said banks are crazy.

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