I saw something today that I thought I would never see in my lifetime. A doctor in Madagascar developed a homeopathic remedy for COVID-19 which apparently is being used by the nation and has allowed them to reopen and go back to life as normal. However, if you try to search for pricing or availability of this drink Covid-organics on Google in the shopping category you get blocked.

It even blocked my ability to screen shot the block, thus the reason for the low quality photo.  I wanted to make my readers aware of what is starting to happen in regards to free speech in our country and the world.

Blocked Facebook post.

This is not the only thing being censored. The website  is asking for help getting their video documentary on the major platforms. It gers blocked within minutes of being posted because it is speaking what I believe to be the truth about COVID-19 and vaccines in general.  I will be posting their video here later tonight as well as sharing across my social media platforms and ask my readers to do the same. Even if you don’t agree with the views in the video as this is more about protecting free speech and freedom of the press than a shared opnion on medical care.
In fact, if you have a link to videos that are being blocked on the other side of the issue leave a comment here and I will be glad to attempt to get the word out about them as well, even though I may not agree with the content.
We need to flood the gatekeepers.of internet censorship and speak out for pur freedom.
Just found out that a joke I posted yesterday was censored by Facebook as well so much for free speech.

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