New Kids Church Directors

Ange and I just became the new directors of the Kidz4Christ ministry at Licking Pentecostal Holiness Church. It has been a fascinating adventure over the last couple of months. We have seen the ministry grow from seven children in attendance to over thirty. This required a big change in how we operated our Wednesday night kids program.

Two weeks ago we changed from having everyone in the same room doing craft, snacks, teaching, and worship to splitting into three groups. We began to open with worship and announcements, and then split into small groups for teaching, snacks, and crafts. This has made things so much easier for our group of leaders.

For one thing we are working with less than 10 students in a group in stead of having 30 students in a classroom all talking at once. It has allowed us to get to know the kids better, and created a much better environment for learning.

I am excited to see where God takes this as we move forward. I have to admit that this particular area of ministry is not where I saw myself. Especially since I am the one in charge of the worship service. I haven’t played an instrument in 15 years, and the last instrument I played was tuba. I have never been a singer at all, and clearly have no real gifting for music. But in spite of it all God is doing a great work as I have seen the kids grow in their desire to worship.

Keep us in your prayers as we keep moving forward in the ministry God has placed us.


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