Above is a picture of a bunch of boys who are happy to have won the silver, but very disappointed that they lost the final game to the same team that beat them in the Show Me games earlier this year. Both times the boys way outplayed the Jefferson City Lightning, but came up short on goals. This group of boys didn’t allow a single shot on goal the entire second half of the game, and shot nearly twenty times but still lost the game 2-0 because of a couple of lucky shots early in the first half.

The boy with his head in his hands, Cole, is our goalie. He let the goals get past and felt like he lost the game for us. He was just too short to stop the second goal which managed to slip in just about an inch above his hands as he jumped to stop the goal. The first goal slipped past two defenders and came in on the ground just past him.
The biggest disappointment for the team was that they have only lost two games since they started playing as a team and both of them were to the Jefferson City Lightning. I guess that will have to our teams rival now. We won’t be happy until we beat them.

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