How Satan Uses Our Past.

I had an interesting thought last night while lying in bed. It was brought on by something my son Elijah said as he was trying to get too sleep. Yesterday was his birthday, and it brought to his mind the thoughts of friends that he left behind when we moved from West Virginia to Missouri.

He was crying because he missed his old friends, and was failing to think of all the new friends he has made since moving here. After reminding him of his new friends, and how much fun he had over the weekend and on his birthday, he was able to get too sleep.

I thought about how often dwelling on the past keeps me up at night, or causes me grief, and realized that this is a tactic that Satan uses to distract us from God’s plans, God’s provisions, God’s love, and God’s peace.

I thought about the Israelites as they were leaving Egypt and remember their grumbling and complaining, most of it involved how things were better in Egypt. They of course were not better in Egypt, Satan just like us to think the past was better than the present to trick us into thinking that we made some mistake to anger God and now he has forsaken us, left us to solve our own problems.

When we buy into this lie, we make extra trouble for ourselves as we spend much of our time trying to figure out how to fix the past rather than living in the present.

I am going to try to live more in the present and dwell less on the past.

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