Its Been Too Long Since I Blogged

Its been a while since I have created a blog entry. We have been very busy between adding onto the house and soccer practices there has not been much time for blogging.

The addition is about 60% complete, it is sealed from the weather aside from a very small leak or two were the siding is not complete on the walls yet. I also need to hang the drywall inside. It is finished enough that we have put things in it.

Elijah’s soccer season started off pretty rough with three losses in a tournament that really showed us how much we need to work. We played against two teams on Saturday from St. Louis. The first should have totally stomped us, but we held the score at 2-1 until the last two minutes then it jumped 4-1. The second game was much closer, but we had some bad calls that took the win away. We lost 2-1 after having a goal called back for off-sides, and the other team having a goal count that should not have, but at least it is over.

Our final game we lost 7-0 to a team from Northern Arkansas. They outplayed us like a professional soccer team going against a Jr. High Team it was ugly, and I am real glad that one is over. At least we had fun in Springfield.

Well that’s it for now.


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