I thought I would update everyone a little on what life has brought our way. We received unexpected money which is always great, but it usually causes extra work as well. We decided to use the extra money to add on some living space to out little 14×80 trailer. I started the addition last weekend, if only the weather will hold out long enough to get a roof over it we will finally have some space for our hobbies.

I have the frame up on a 12×32 room, but cannot seem to get it complete enough to put the exterior wall and roof in place because it keeps raining in the evenings. Hopefully I’ll have it ready for the wall and roof sheeting by Saturday and can borrow a truck to get the rest of the supplies.

I can’t wait for Ange to be able to scrap book again, and for me to be able to tinker around with the junk computers and electronics that I have in storage. I hope to be posting some about the fun gadgets I built. I have ideas for a lot of cool toys, but no time to build them, and prior to finishing this addition no space to work on them either.

Have a nice day.

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